If your loved one is having any difficulties understanding language, expressing himself/herself or has difficulty in swallowing, a referral to a Speech-Language Pathologist may be warranted. We provide treatment to enable you or your loved one to communicate effectively and improve oral motor skills to ensure safe swallowing.

Speech Pathologists are responsible for the assessment and treatment of speech, language, and swallowing, cognitive and voice disorders. Through the use of multiple therapy techniques, therapists provide a well-rounded program of care to help remedy a speech or swallowing problem.

Shlama Home Health Care wants to help you overcome the effects of a speech problem or language disorder.

  • Evaluation and Plan of Care Development
  • Voice Evaluation /Treatment
  • Language/Learning Disabilities
  • Swallow Evaluation /Treatment
  • Augmentative/Alternative Communication
  • Stroke and traumatic brain injury treatment
  • Non verbal communication